20 Must Have Wedding Photo Booth Props

Wedding Photo Booth Props

We’ve featured several different types of photo booths here, but what about props?  A photo booth without props is. . . not much fun!  What’s more fun than just a photo booth?  A photo booth, with props, at a wedding!  Here are at least 10 cute, humorous, interesting photo booth props for your next wedding or major social event!  We hope you can find something you love, and we hope you have a good time, no matter what kind of event you’re planning!

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Though the younger members of the wedding party will have no problem figuring out what to do once they find the photo booth, it’s always a nice idea to have a cute little sign near your booth to help guests who may not be as social media-savvy as the young folks.  This little sign is perfect!

Better-Than-Basic Props

We realize that for some people, all these might be a bit overwhelming.  Luckily, that’s why they exist!  With this many options for wedding props, everyone is sure to find something that they will enjoy posing with, from the bride and groom all the way down to that random relative that no one is quite sure how they’re related to! Don’t let the black-and-white fool you, these are anything but basic!  Laminate and keep them for years of use!

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Paddle Props

Minimal yet mighty, these cute little paddle props are great for smaller weddings or for those who may not be as enthusiastic about having pictures done as the other young people.  No matter what types of props you may wish to use, these ones will fit the bill perfectly! These are easy to customize, too, with some paint and some color!

Team Up!

So. . . Team Bride?  Team Groom?  Team Single4Ever? No matter which side you’re on, these cute little props are sure to be a big hit with the entire wedding party, including the guests!  Show off your sense of humor as well as team loyalties with this cute set of props!

Uh-oh. . . BUSTED!

This one’s a little “unique” for those with a warped sense of humor, but lots of folks seem to like it, too!  Show where you were when you got busted!  Features the couple’s name and wedding date, and you can use the LAPD or switch it up with your local police force—whatever you choose!  A great theme for those who are marrying men and women in law enforcement!

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Adults Only

This one is especially for weddings in which children may not be encouraged to attend, or for the wedding where a reception may have the potential to get a little “wild.”  Use these with caution and don’t let the kiddos get hold of the ones that may not be appropriate.  For full-on, adults-only weddings, these are perfect!

Golden Opportunities

For those who may be throwing a Roaring 20s/Gatsby-themed wedding, these gilded, vintage-fab photo props are sure to please everyone there—the guests, the bride and groom, the families, and even the littlest wedding guests can use them!  These would also make lovely keepsakes for other members of the wedding party.

Funny and Bright!

For wedding parties with a sense of humor, there are these large, bright, a little bit glitzy and a lot all right!  Young couples and couples who are hosting large families will love that these can be used not just for weddings, but for any occasion!  Just take out the stuff about Mr. and Mrs.  Words like OOPS!  And YAY! Would be great for birthdays and graduations, too!  This set is good for more than just The Big Day!

Even More Humor

These bright, humorous, sturdy photo booth props are another good set to keep around beyond the wedding, and these can also be repurposed for other occasions.  Colorful and large, these props can be used for family reunions, graduations, birthday parties, and any other specialty occasion that may have a photo booth with ample opportunities for pictures!  Use them for the wedding, but keep them for other occasions too!

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Retro-fabulous Props

This set is perfect for those who may have chosen a Roaring 20s/retro-themed wedding, with delightfully vintage fonts, soft colors, interesting haberdashery, and adorable beards and moustaches, even for the women!  Whether you want to make the setting sweet and intimate or you’ve rented out a massive dance hall for your reception, everyone will love this cute and colorful retro-theme!

Ornery Hipsters Getting Married

Small but effective, these colorful and cute props are great for the bridal shower, the bachelor party, the wedding, the reception, and every moment in between!  With lots of great eye-glass frames, a pair of love-birds, and lots of colors and style, this set of props can be used for other occasions, too, like proms and Valentine’s Day parties (we’re looking at the lips, the flowers, and “Love is in the air” with this set). This might even be a fun set for little ones when they want to play dress-up, because of all the glasses and the pipe! See?  Not all hipsters are annoying!

No matter which set of props you choose for your wedding photo booth, you’re sure to find just the thing for that perfect, humorous touch!

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