21 Adorable Wedding Photo Booth Frames for your Wedding

Wedding Photo Booth Frames

Millennial brides want an Instagram photo booth frame that is just as pretty, elegant, and unique as their wedding and honeymoon plans!  Weddings are supposed to be fun events that celebrate two families coming together and celebrating a bright future, filled with lots of love and laughter.  We’ve scoured the web to find 10 of the best wedding photo booth frames in existence to help inspire you for your big day!

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Magic Mirrors and White Roses

This magical, mystical frame is perfect for those who love trick photography, fairy-tales, and forest-glam all rolled into one elegant package.  It makes the room look massive, it makes the couple look other-worldly, and it is one of the most unique photo booth frames we’ve seen, making it perfect not just for weddings, but proms, homecoming dances, and any other number of special occasions.

Going Brown

Minimalist, yet still adorable, this frame works with any number of “colorful” surnames—you could go Brown, Greene, Redd, or even Black!  The flowers are simple to make from cardboard and because this frame is elevated with the tubing, it can be adjusted to a variety of heights.  Too cute not to say “I do” to!

A Variety of Suitable Frames

This one is as simple as it is fast to execute!  Perfect for outdoor spring, summer, or even early fall weddings, a variety of frames gives everyone their choice for the perfect photo booth experience!  Flowers can be real or artificial, and because so many of these frames can be found in craft shops, flea markets, and mass retailers, they are economical for couples who may have a limited budget.  Though they are “jumbled” here, the bridal party can always spread them out, or use fewer frames for a simpler look.

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Pictures by the Lake

Yet another simple and outdoorsy frame is this lovely Polaroid by the Lake frame, mounted on wood and showing off the names of the happy couple and their wedding date.  By simply attaching a heavy-duty cardboard frame to the wood scaffolding with some wire, this frame is easy to make, easy to install, and easy to take home after the big day.  The wedding photos are bound to be as unique as the couple the uses this one!

Understated Elegance

Here’s another simple stunner that is as easy to make as it is to use.  Take a large picture frame or a frame from an antique mirror, drape some greenery and roses in just one corner, and surround the corners on the floor with white pillar candles for a soft, romantic effect that will flatter everyone.  This frame may also work well suspended with wires or leaning on a table.  This is another one that would lend itself well to proms, formal dances for colleges, and any number of intimate gatherings.  Good for indoor, late-night winter weddings too!

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More Mirror Magic!

Though this particular shot was taken on a beach and with the help of a mirror, it could be useful for anyone with a good sense of perspective and someone who is handy with a camera.  Simply take the mirror out of the frame, and you’ve got the perfect ornate, antique wedding photo frame the will not only make the bride and groom look fabulous, but the guests will look great, too!  The larger the frame, the more people can fit into the shot!  This is one that is “season less.”

Cute and Unique!

Not only would this one make a cute little keepsake for the bride and groom, but this one is easy to make, easy to transport to the reception, and everyone can have a good time with this unique little frame, depicting an engagement ring and wedding band with the names of the bride and groom above, with a date underneath!  Though this option is made of wood and was then painted, brides on a budget could also make this with poster board, or go to a print shop and have it made professionally.  The entire wedding party will love this little frame!

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Celestial Summertime Sweetness

For the eclectic, bohemian bride and groom, there’s this simple frame that features bright summer blooms, antique candle holders, and fringed shawls for the ultimate in retro-hippie chic!  This couple chose to use yellow for their color, but any color the bride prefers may be used, and this is another one that is perfect for summer, winter, or even fall!  For those who would prefer a more uniform look, pillar candles in the colors of the bridal party and also appropriate.

Low-key Elegant

Sometimes a simple frame in the wedding colors are all you need to not only mark the special day, but have one of the simplest yet elegant photo frames for a wedding.  This one is made of wood that has been painted, and the flowers and “greenery” are painted in the wedding colors.  Wood too heavy?  Try heavy-duty cardstock.  No matter what color palette you choose, it’s sure to be perfect for that special day!


Private Wedding Party

We’ve saved one of the best ideas for last!  This private photo booth is perfect not only for the bride and groom, and works well for the wedding party, guests, parents of the bride and groom, and all the little nieces, nephews, flower girls and ring bearers who want to take a little break from all the wedded bliss and reception fun!  This one lends itself well to warmer-weather weddings, but this is another good option that doesn’t necessarily have a season.  Use heavy draperies for fall and winter, and you could even incorporate this into a special holiday wedding for those who want to get married in winter.

No matter what photo booth option you choose, it’s sure to be the talk of the town and one of the most fun experiences your guests can have at a wedding!  These are all simple, sweet, and perfect for brides, grooms, and wedding parties!  Try some of these and send the pictures our way!

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