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17 Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone has to have a unicorn birthday party at some point in their lives, mostly because unicorns are just such fun.  Unicorns are magical, they’re mystical and they are totally wondrous.  We’ve all read the most imaginative and creative stories to our children about unicorn.  Our kids have imagined what its like to be a unicorn and they’ve all believed that unicorns are real.

If your child has not already suggested a unicorn party, and they probably have, why not bring up the idea for the next birthday party.  Unicorn parties are great for girls and boys, and perfect for toddlers or teens.    One thing is certain with a unicorn party – there will be glitter.  There will be colour.  There will be rainbows and sparkles.  There will be fabulous fun and a whole lot of laughter too.

Unicorn parties are always rainbow themed.  This makes for a lot of happiness.  You can choose a birthday party invitation online, in a template form, and custom design it to become a unicorn invite!  And then, make it as colourful, fun and as personal as you want.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-haves at a unicorn birthday party ideas.  Remember, you can make your own if you have time and energy, but you can get all the templates online and pretty much design anything you want!

Unicorn Party Ideas Included (Summary)

Unicorn Party Decoration

  • Unicorn Birthday Banner
  • Unicorn Certificate of Adoption
  • Unicorn Bottle Label
  • Unicorn Photo Booth Props
  • Unicorn Lollipop Holder
  • Unicorn Favor Bags
  • Unicorn Birthday Balloons

Unicorn Party Games & Activities 

  • Unicorn Bingo
  • Unicorn Magic Show
  • Unicorn Face Painting
  • What is Your Unicorn Name
  • Unicorn Pin the Horn

Unicorn Party Invitation

  • Magical Unicorn Party Invitation
  • Unicorn Party Invitation With Photo

Unicorn Party Food & Snacks

  • Unicorn Party Cake
  • Unicorn Cotton Candy Popcorn
  • Unicorn Cupcake
  • Unicorn Macarons
  • Unicorn Marshmallow Pop
  • Unicorn Milkshake


Unicorn Party Decoration

The thing about unicorns and rainbows is that the decor is super easy.  A rainbow coloured welcome party banner can be bought online.  A unicorn rainbow coloured party banner can also be bought online.  And then you get unicorn themed party plates and cups, and balloons.  You get unicorn napkins.  And you can get unicorn balloons, all of which you can order quickly and easily via the internet.  Most party shops will also have unicorn themed decor, so do your research.

Unicorn Birthday Banner

Unicorn Certificate of Adoption

Unicorn Bottle Label

Unicorn Bottle Label

Unicorn Photo Booth Props

Unicorn Lollipop Holder

Unicorn Favor Bags

Unicorn Birthday Balloon

Unicorn Balloons

Unicorn Party Games & Activities

Unicorn Bingo Game

Any games can be played at a child’s birthday party, as long as you always keep an element of fun and as long as you incorporate the theme.  Pin the Tail on the Donkey can easily be changed to Pin the Tail on the Unicorn.  Musical chairs become musical unicorns if everyone has a horn!  Pass the Parcel can be Pass the Unicorn, especially when each colour of the wrapping paper is rainbow coloured and glitter falls out all the time. And if the final present is a unicorn!  Sack races can be unicorn races, and you can even do a Last Unicorn Standing!   The options are endless.  Remember also, kids love having fun and free time.  You do not have to organise each minute of a birthday party.  Unicorns are creative and imaginative and just being a unicorn will allow the children’s imagination to run free

Unicorn Magic Show

Unicorn Face Painting

As long as you have the correct face paint, pretty much anyone with a little creativity can do face painting.  Look online, the same site that you can buy party themed birthday invitations and party themed decor from, will give you tons of ideas for party gams and party face painting.  Not everyone has to be painted as a unicorn.  You can paint rainbows too!  (and fairies, and goblins, and whatever the child asks for.

Whats Your Unicorn Name

Unicorn Pin The Horn

Unicorn Party Invitation

Giving out the invites is exciting.  These days, most people do this on the internet, via email. You can choose either.  Make invitations, using the online birthday party templates, and add a Unicorn theme.  Remember to add all the details like name, date, time, address, dress-up and anything special like swimming!  You can custom design online party invites so they are really personal and creative.  If you have time, and creativity, make your own beautiful invites.  And then hand them out, in real life or via the internet, in good time.  Don’t forget to ask the little unicorns to RSVP.

Magical Unicorn Party Invitation

Unicorn Party Invitation Photo

Sometimes, the most wonderful part of the party is in the preparation.  Sit with your child and discuss the party.  Work out who you are going to invite and what size party you want.  Make a list of the kids, remembering to be inclusive and try not to leave anyone out!  Then, start designing unicorn birthday party invitations.  Use the online birthday party templates.  You can customise them by choosing your unicorn theme and design, and then add your name, date, address, time and any special information.  Then, start looking at decor (online), party games and cakes!  There is so much to do

A unicorn birthday party invitation is joyful. Everything about unicorns are joyful and so you want your entire theme to be joyful. All you need to do is find the right invitation template, download it and then customise it.  Of course you will add on all the private things you want to add, and then you can print them out or you can choose to hand them out.  Kids love handing out birthday invitations at school or play group but in this day of the internet, birthday invitations are also sent digitally and mailed out to everyone.  Talk to your child and ask them how they want to hand out invitations, and also, let them be a huge part of the preparations.  They will take as much pleasure as you do, designing the party in the most personal of ways.

Part of the preparation will also include the goodbyes.  When everyone leaves, they are going to get a farewell party pack.  This can be so easy, and so much fun to do, especially with a unicorn and rainbow theme.  A unicorn wand.  A unicorn coloured toy.  A unicorn hair-band for girls. Rainbow coloured cookies.  A unicorn shaped eraser.  Rainbow coloured pencils.  Use your imagination, because that is what unicorns do.  And if you don’t feel like using your imagination, use the internet.  You will find absolutely everything you need to find online regarding unicorn birthday parties.

Happy birthday from one unicorn to another!  This day is going to be absolutely fabulous and we hope that everything is perfectly unicorn, perfectly rainbow and perfect bright.  And we hope you have the best time ever. Happy happy birthday.

Unicorn Party Food & Snack Ideas

Unicorn Party Cake

This is one cake that has to have a single horn!  If you love baking, or are just plain creative, look on the internet and find unicorn birthday cake designs and then, make your own.  You will need to use a lot of colour and a lot of sparkle, but you can go wild with a unicorn cake.  The more sugar the better, the more smarties or M&Ms the wilder!  If you are not a baker, go to your nearest home industry and order one from the professionals.  They know what they’re doing!  And don’t forget to buy candles or sparklers.

Unicorn Cotton Candy Popcorn

Unicorn Cupcake

Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Masrhmallow Pop

Unicorn Milkshake

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