Superhero Party Ideas

You can find a lot of diverse opinions on the first appearance of a superhero.  Two well known superheroes, Superman and Batman, are both eighty now, first appearing in the late 1930s.  Others will argue that mythological characters like Hercules and Achilles were the first superheroes.  However, no matter the origin or time, it’s a given that throwing a superhero birthday party will give you that same status.

With the plethora of superheroes to choose from – individuals like Superman and Batman, to teams like the Avengers or X-Men– your child and his/her friends will love this superhero party theme.  Start planning your party with the perfect invitation.  You can customize it for dates, times, and your child’s name.  Here’s an example, courtesy of etsy.com:

Get the Superhero Party Kit

While you’re at the Etsy site, check out their great selection of superhero party ideas.  Greet your guests with a giant superhero birthday banner, featuring the logos and symbols of all your favorite characters.

As the price of admission, you can quiz your young fans on which emblem belongs to which hero.  This will help you immediately set the theme for the party.  If you want to go all out, turn your guests into instant superheroes with this cape or mask collection:

Or, if you’d rather, you can download and print off emblems and pin or tape them to your guests.  Either way, they’ll immediately get into the superhero party flow.

Once everyone’s arrived, it’s time for your superheroes to start showing off their stuff.  If the weather is conducive, get everyone out to the yard to take the superhero obstacle challenge.  Build an obstacle course that each of the heroes must navigate to save the world.  You can use boxes to jump over, set up a low bar they have to belly crawl under, throw a ball into a basket or pail, or any other challenge you can imagine for them.

If they can’t be outdoors, you can do something similar indoors laying out a tape route on the floor, and having them carry a balloon or ping pong ball on a wooden spoon without dropping it.  After that, pull out the crayons and paper, and have each of them draw their own superhero, and describe the special powers he/she has.

At this point, you probably have some very thirsty heroes.  Etsy.com has a wide range of superhero party cups, featuring individuals, like Flash, Superman, and so on, or you can go with a mixed set like these (notice the customized printing):

Like every children’s party, if you’re not careful, glasses will get thrown out, mixed up, and so on, and you’ll end up using dozens more than you have kids.  Keep them separate, and reusable, with these customizable water bottle or glass labels:

Get the superhero bottle labels

Hungry superheroes are not a pretty thing to encounter, so make sure you have plenty of super-snacks on hand.  To help you with this, and to keep the mess at a minimum, there are several different varieties of cups and boxes to prepare individual portions of their favorite munchies.  Much neater and more hygienic than having fifteen sets of hands diving into a big bowl of chips, these snack boxes can be specially packed with any variety you choose, one (or more) per child.  There are even customized snack bags available at Etsy if you have the time and inclination to order them.

You know we’re not going to forget the cake, or we will have kids angrier than Hulk before his morning coffee.  You can stay with the superhero party ideas them and bake your own superhero cake.  There are dozens of instructional sites on the Internet.  Here is a Spiderman cake:


followed up with over twenty cake designs for all your favorite superheroes on my cake recipes

Whether you make your own cake, buy one, or go with the smaller (and maybe neater) cupcakes, you can find a complete realm of paper products to keep the superhero party theme alive.  You can get matching sets of plates, cups, napkins, napkin rings, straws, place markers, cake and cupcake toppers – you name it.  Many of the items at Etsy are also customizable.  Here’s an example from the Batman collection:

No matter which of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, or any of the single superheroes your little hero has as his hero, you can most likely find their products available to cover all your paper product superhero party needs.

Even superheroes get tired, and sooner or later the party will start to wind down, and your elite heroes will head for their personal bat-caves.  Send them on their way with a superhero party themed goodie bag, filled with snacks, treats, or whatever else you care to add.  The options are truly unlimited.  There are bags featuring individual heroes, groups like the Avengers, or just customized to say “thank you” from your hero to his friends.

If you are looking for special fillers, check out etsy.com.  Here you can find a complete range of superhero themed bag fillers, including Black Panther bracelets, Captain America favor shield tags, superhero glasses, Avenger’s draw string gift bags, Spiderman party gum favors, and much, much more.  You can even add a fully customizable “thank you” tag to commemorate the special occasion.

If a tag to say thanks isn’t your style, how about a wide selection of customizable “thank you” cards.  You can add photos from the party, choose your supporting superhero, and write your own message so that your guests understand how important they were to making you party successful.  It is, after all, about the kids.

It’s not an old western movie, where the hero rides off into the sunset, but you can rest assured that you have earned superhero status in the eyes of your child.



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