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21 Best Minecraft Party Ideas Ever

How to Create a Minecraft-Themed Birthday Party

Minecraft is a game that has captured the hearts and minds of the gaming community. Due to its wide-open terrain and the endless possibilities of creation, Minecraft has become one of the most loved children’s games, a true classic in its time. If you have a young, enthusiastic ‘Minecrafter’, chances are that the game has become somewhat of a pleasant pastime. The uniquely generated works for kids to explore is the modern-day equivalent of Lego – a digital version, of course.

Birthdays often represent a time where one just simply tries the same ideas. However, a Minecraft-themed party may be just the thing to make the next birthday an event to remember. To aid you in the creation of your very own Minecraft-themed birthday party, here are some handy tricks, hacks and tips.


A well-planned party never starts on the day; there is always weeks of preparation. The introduction to your party begins with the invitation, an important tool that can be used to ensure that your guests understand exactly what they’re in for. For an authentic experience that is true to the nature of the game, try and make your invitations look like a Minecraft block.

To achieve this effect, purchase small, square cardboard boxes which can be sealed at the top. Next, print out the trademark Minecraft pixel scheme onto the paper (there is something called ‘Pixel Craft Paper’ available), in turn wrapping the boxes with the printed paper. Lastly, print out the details of your party on another sheet of paper, this can also be done in the Minecraft font, and paste it onto your ‘Minecraft block’. Give them to your potential party attendees and invite them to your party in a fitting manner.

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With the invitations out of the way, your focus should soon shift to the creation of decorations. Often, decorating according to a specific theme proves challenging, especially when that theme is based on a video game. However, Minecraft decorations are, perhaps, the simplest and most fun to implement, as the pixeled nature of the game is a platform to countless ideas.

Simple items can be transformed into works of art that bring the game to life. Try purchasing green cups and then placing a ‘creeper’ face around the body. Alternatively, you could also create Minecraft-pixel chairs by painting crates in accordance to the color scheme. Make it any element of your choice: sand stone, rock or wood. Try running banners that showcase the Minecraft-theme of your party.

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Games and Activities

No party is complete without games. Besides a good way to expend the energy built up by excess sugar, games are often the focal point of the party, as they provide the ever-important ‘fun factor’. Honing your games into replicas of the Minecraft world is a way to ensure that the children who attend remember the party well into adulthood.

Popular party games often require the simplest of adaptions in order to alter them into Minecraft-based activities. One such game is ‘pin the sword on the creeper’. Instead of a donkey, cut out a figurine from cardboard, shaping it into something that resembles these scary, nighttime enemies. Have the children place a sword on the creeper to vanquish the enemy. The winner is the person with the most accuracy; he/she should be rewarded with a prize.

Piñatas have been a party tradition for decades; there is nothing quite like seeing the happiness of children while they destroy the poor object without mercy. To maintain this party rite and still be true to your Minecraft-theme, create a paper piñata in the form of a creeper. Provide the children with a Minecraft-like sword of some sorts and witness the rain of candy. Smashing success is not a term used lightly in this context.

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Snacks and Treats

In the Minecraft ecosystem, food plays a vital role. It is the key to longevity and the source of energy that empowers hugely creative feats. Without it, the fun stops – something not dissimilar to your party. Creating delicious Minecraft treats is easy; it takes just a little creativity and the willingness to persist.

There are three snacks that come highly recommended, all of which can be altered into a fitting form. The first is TNT, an explosive that has devastating in-game effects. To make your own deliciously explosive TNTs, place red licorice in a bunch that resembles something of a square; tie the pieces together with a ribbon labeled “TNT” and place on the table. Guests will simply be able to help themselves.

Chips are an essential, whether you’re 8 or 58 years old. To incorporate this snack into your party, fashion bowls out of square cardboard boxes. Surround these boxes with the same paper used for the invitations, place the chips therein and you’re good to go. They will appear exactly like the in-game blocks which are used as the building material for everything one can think of. These containers can also be used to present sweets and candies.


Stay hydrated with your favorite soft drinks disguised as Minecraft potions. Achieving this is, perhaps, the easiest step of all. Simply select any bottle, print out Minecraft potion labels and paste them onto the body. Good examples include: Creepa-cola, Enderman Juice and Healing Potions.

For a healthy touch, try adding a bottle of “Extreme Hills Water” to the table. Not only will this help you deal with the sugar-crazed kids running about, but it also encourages them to drink from the water; it is from Extreme Hills, after all.

Minecraft-themed parties are extremely fun, simple as well. To match a game that is all about creativity and building, add these ideas to your arsenal. They could just provide an exciting twist to the status quo. With a range of Minecraft-themed party items, we make your preparation of a memorable, Minecraft milestone that little bit easier, allowing you to focus on the fun.

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