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19 Best Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

mermaid birthday party ideas

All little girls want to have a mermaid birthday party. And so they should. Mermaids are divine, they’re magical, they’re so very pretty and they’re unique. Here is a list of top mermaid party ideas.

And of course The Little Mermaid is one of the most successful Disney movies of all times and Ariel is the best Disney princess there ever was. All little girls dream of being Ariel, the Mermaid.

Mermaids are pink and purple, green and gold, pale blue and bright blue, utterly creative and magical, filled with sparkles and glitters.  They’re fun, they’re frivolous and they are imaginative.  They were great make up, they have sequins and glitter and are bright and beautiful.

A new Little Mermaid Disney movie is being made and so Mermaid fever is higher than it ever was. Everyone is talking about Ariel the Mermaid.  This means Mermaid birthday party ideas are the number one choice for little girls and for teenagers as well.  Mermaid parties mean everyone can use their imagination, enter a pretend world of mermaids and become a mermaid, even if just for a day.  A beautiful and bright and sparkly mermaid.

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Mermaid Party Invitations

Kids would love these mermaid party invitation with glittery pastel colors and mermaid tails. These cute mermaid invitations are customizable and ready to kick start your kid’s magical birthday party.


If you want to throw a Mermaid party for your daughter’s special day, here are a few fab mermaid birthday party ideas!  And remember, so much of the fun is in the planning. The invite, the cake, the games, the delicious food, the dress up and the decor are all such fun to plan.  It can takes weeks of good bonding with your child, and open up worlds of creativity and imagination.

Dress your daughter up as a mermaid

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Having a mermaid costume is half the fun.  The costume needs to be practical though because we all know that real mermaids have difficulty walking.  Unless you’re throwing your party in the ocean, and this is not a good idea, sew a mermaid tail on to a leotard.  There are fabulous online tutorials that can help you but you really just need a needle and scissors, some fabulous colourful material, perhaps some tulle and a few sparkles or sequins, and a mermaid pattern to follow.  If sewing is not your thing, buy a mermaid bikini or mermaid costume online or from a nearby toy or ballet store.

Give everyone a mermaid tail

Dress your daughter up as a princess mermaid – yes add a colourful wig, tiara, a wand and a lot of glitter – but you can also made mermaid tails for the birthday guests.  If it is not a cosplay party, in which case everyone will arrive as a mermaid, make a whole lot of tails and give them to the girls as they come in the front door.  Or, in the party pack when they leave.

Pin the tail on the mermaid

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It’s going to be a lot more fun playing pin the tail on the mermaid than it is going to be playing pin the tail on the donkey!  Design a fabulous mermaid on a large piece of cardboard, pin it on to a wall, get a pink or purple blindfold (always follow the mermaid theme colours) and there ya go.  If you don’t want to pin a mermaid, you could always play Pin the Seahorse or Pin the Pufferfish!

Table Decor and food

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Apart from your fabulous party food, perhaps cupcakes with pink and green icing, you can make cookies in the shape of seahorses and fish, have a few shell shaped chocolates (or make your own) and use gold glitter as sea sand. Meringues could be fabulous oysters!  Blue tissue paper does brilliantly for the sea, and you could even throw in a few of those little coloured cocktail umbrellas for extra decor.  Don’t forget to have brightly coloured balloons everywhere too.  I know I keep saying pink and purple, mostly because those are Ariel’s favorite colours, but green, blue and gold work just as well.

The Birthday cake

Having a fabulous birthday cake is often the most special part of a birthday.  You can make your own cake if you are a good or creative baker, or you can ask the professionals to do it.  You could have a mermaid cake, a sandcastle cake, or an entire under the ocean theme.  The birthday mermaid girl will have a memorable cake, and the sparkling candles will match her own sparkly hair, outfit and make-up.

Summer parties

A mermaid party can work winter or summer but particularly in summer, especially if you have a swimming theme.  Having a swim party can be quite a responsibility though, so only do this if you have enough adults to keep an eye on the kids.  Huge mermaid shaped or patterned tubes in the pool would be divine though!  If you don’t have a pool, fill a few shell shaped baby pools with a little bit of water if the kids are big enough, or fill them with sand if the kids are small, and fill them with all mermaid themed toys.  Sand pits are always a great hit at parties, especially with smaller kids.


Before the party, get the theme going!  You can design your own mermaid themed invitations – make them colourful and filled with mermaids, sparkles, the ocean, umbrellas, fish and seahorses and a whole underworld world.  Don’t forget to give the basic details – date, time, address, age you’re celebrating, and any cosplay requirements.  Keep it simple, fun and then more fun.

If you don’t have the time to design your own invitations, buy Mermaid Party Invitations online and get them delivered to you in good time.  At the same time, buy Mermaid party plates, party plates, perhaps a Mermaid happy birthday banner and Mermaid balloons.

Remember, you can find fabulous birthday invitations online, with set templates.  You can then add the theme and the details, without having to think or work too hard at all.  The birthday templates are fun and creative and wonderful, and you can design your own touches, keeping them personal and perfect for your child’s special day.

Preparation is what makes a party fabulous.  Do your Mermaid invites in good time.  You can email them to your friends, or your daughter can hand them out at school, which also causes great excitement.  Be creative with the birthday girl and hand design all your mermaid decorations. You will get tons of ideas for free, online. And feel free to order if you are not the creative type, or you’re a busy working mom!  Follow the theme from start to finish – handing out Mermaid Birthday party packs at the end will be great fun – and will ensure your little girl has a birthday party that nobody will ever forget.

Here is a simple reminder of the bare essentials:

  • Mermaid birthday invites.
  • A Mermaid costume or bikini for your daughter.
  • A tiara, because all birthday girls should wear a tiara!
  • A brightly coloured wig, sequinned and sparkly!
  • A Mermaid or under the ocean themed birthday cake.
  • Seahorse cupcakes, sandwiches cut like fish, meringues like oysters.
  • Mermaid tails for everyone, as they arrive.  Bright fab colours.
  • Mermaid cups and plates, mermaid napkins and a mermaid banner.
  • A whole bunch of fabulous mermaid themed games.
  • Bright balloons.

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Mermaid themed party packs when everyone leaves.

No matter what age you’re turning, and whether you are a boy or a girl, a toddler or a  teen, Mermaid birthday parties are the best.  You can do just a few things above and you’ll have a fantastic party.  You may even want to throw in a Mermaid shaped pinata, where the kids would have great fun bashing it and trying to get out all there brightly coloured candy.

Remember, birthday parties are fabulous fun.  Or at least, you want them to be. It’s a hugely important day in your life and in your child’s life, and you want it to be perfect. Remove all the stress by using online birthday party templates to create your mermaid birthday party invitations.  At the same time, you can order all your birthday party decor, and your birthday party games and goodbye presents, through an online party site.  It is so easy to use the templates and personalise them, that it seems like you have made your own invitations anyway.  Be creative, have fun and go forth and create the most wonderful mermaid birthday party.

Mermaids are so much more than coloured sparkly mermaid tails.  A bikini mermaid costume, or a leotard mermaid costume, is pretty easy to make.  While the mermaid tail is an integral part of a costume, you also need to have the sparkly wand, the brightly coloured or sequinned wig, beautiful make-up and glitter eye shadow, and in fact, glitter everywhere. You can use sparkles or sequins on your costume to give it that extra shine, and tulle for your costume.  Costumes are a large part of a birthday party, especially with a dress up theme. You may want to hire a costume if you are not that creative or good at sewing!

Happy birthday.  Get that tail on the mermaid! And have fun!

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