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12 Best Party Games for Kids of All Time

So, you’re going to have a party!  Maybe it’s a pool party, maybe it’s a birthday party, maybe it’s just a gathering of friends, family or neighbors.  Whatever the occasion, you know that there will be children there, and you also know that you need to keep them occupied and entertained.  What we are going to do here is give you a nice, concise source for party games for kids.

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We can’t possibly cover every variable when planning these kid’s party games, but we will try to give you a few general groupings to help you pick the best party games.  We’ll start by looking for party games for younger kids, and then also party games for older kids.  Within these two separations, we’ll identify a few indoor games, and a few outdoor party games for your kids.  And parents?  Don’t worry.  The only time you’ll see the word “slime” is right here.

Let’s start with the little ones.  Just one word of caution.  Sometimes, the concept of competition and good sportsmanship can be lost on the younger ones, and result in pouting, arguing, tantrums, and hurt feelings.  You will have to judge which are most appropriate for your audience; we’ll give you a wide enough selection of party games to make it easy for you to start.  So, getting right to it, here are some outdoor party games for younger kids.

This one can be done in teams or individually – indoors or out.  Buy a roll of bubble wrap at the dollar store or local hardware store, and cut off a few three- to five-foot lengths.  Lay them out on the floor, appoint a judge, get everyone barefoot, and have them carefully walk over the bubble wrap.  The person or team that pops the least number of bubbles wins! And, if you can stand the noise, you can expand this kid’s party game and see who can pop the remaining bubbles the fastest.

Our next party game is a knock-off of the Halloween game bobbing for apples.  Get a dozen donuts on hand, and loop a string through them so they can be hung from a beam, tree branch, clothes line, or whatever.  Key is to make them hang down far enough so the kids can bite into them.  The objective of this party game is to eat the donut without having it fall to the ground.  Sounds simple, right?  But not with no hands allowed!  Note to self: cream filled donuts are not a good option.

This one is good for young or old, indoors or out.  It requires a little set up work, but Balloon Smash is usually fun for everyone.  Buy some balloons, and put small treats inside the balloons.  Items like individually wrapped licorice, Smarties, or Life Savers would work well.  Blow them up, and then tie the balloons off with a two- to three-foot length of ribbon.  When it’s time for kid’s party games, tie a balloon to each child’s ankle.  The object of the game is to break the balloons of the other players by stomping on them.  If you break another’s balloon, you get the candy in it, and they are out of the game.  The last unsmashed balloon is the winner.  You may want to have extra candy as consolation prizes from some of the early exits.

Let’s move the party indoors now.  We can kick off the kid’s party games with either an individual or team obstacle course.  This party game can also be played outdoors just as easily.  In this game, the kids will be asked to carry something during the time that they are navigating the obstacle course.  This could be something balanced on their head, a marshmallow on a spoon, or, if outdoors, a full glass of water.  Lay out a course from room to room with some masking tape along the floor.  Either individually or in teams, each child will have to complete the course.  Drop your game piece, start over.  Mix in some simple tasks along the way; climb three steps, then turn around and come down.  Sit down in a chair.  Put their first object down and pick up another, without using hands.  Use your imagination to create the obstacles – you can vary the difficulty based on the ages.

This one is an oldie but still a good party game for kids – bingo.  There are printable versions of bingo all over the internet.  Here’s an example:

Depending on the age of the children, you can set up the game based on matching shapes, forms and colors.  For older kids, you can use the traditional number match approach.  Colored miniature marshmallows make great game pieces, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning them up after the game is over.

Bucket toss is another favorite kid’s party game.  Line up six or so buckets, and number them.  If they are different sizes, put the smaller ones to the right, larger ones to the left.  Have a collection of prizes set up to correspond to each bucket number.  The better prices should be assigned to bucket six, next best to bucket five, and so on down to bucket one.  Have extra prizes as consolation prizes.

Line everyone up, and, using a ping pong or golf ball, have them try to throw the ball into bucket one.  If they make it, they move on and try bucket two.  If they miss bucket two, they get the prize corresponding to bucket one.  If they miss bucket six, they get the prize from bucket five.  If they get it in bucket six, they get that prize.  This is a good indoor or outdoor kid’s party game, as you can move the throwing line forward or backward depending on the age.

One more simple party game for the younger kids.  Hit up your favorite Chinese restaurant, and get however many sets of chopsticks you need based on the party size.  Sit each child down on the floor or at a table, give them a paper cup and a dozen raisins, grapes, marshmallows, or other soft, small object.  The goal is to pick the objects up and transfer them to the cups.  First one done wins!  For younger kids, you can use the chopsticks that are fitted together, or let them use two hands.  Older ones have to struggle with the sticks like the rest of us do.

Let’s start looking at some ideas for party games for older children.  We’ve already mentioned a few here that are suitable for all ages, but here are some geared around the older kid’s party games.

If you’re lucky enough to be outdoors, you can try several sports themed activities.  Set up a makeshift “goal”, or use a net if you have one, and have a kicking contest.  Start them fairly close, and those that get the ball in the net go on to the next round, which will start a little further back.  Keep going until you have a winner, or run out of yard.  You can do the same thing with a frisbee toss.  If you can find the equipment, you can set up a sack race, and the three-legged race always is good for a laugh.

A bean bag toss is always good for a kid’s party game, and younger kids and even adults can join in.  All you have to do is change the level of difficulty based on the age group.  All you need is a box, bin, or basket for a target and away you go.  You can either increase the distance, or make the basket smaller to start eliminating people.

You can always stick with the tried and true, like Pin the Tail or busting open pinatas, but, for a change of pace, toss in a balloon relay.  Divide them into teams, and have a bunch of balloons already blown up.  Have them hold the balloons between their knees or ankles, then hop to an end point you’ve marked out.  If they lose control of the balloon, or break it, they have to start over.  Once they get to the end, they have to break the balloon by sitting on it.  Then they run back to the start, and tag the next teammate who does the same thing.  First team to complete the course wins.  You can do something similar to this with an egg and spoon race.

Water balloon catch is normally entertaining for those playing and watching.  Set up teams of two, give them a full water balloon, and have them start tossing, moving further apart after each catch.  Last surviving balloon wins.  Just be ready for the inevitable balloon war that will break out after the game.

If you’ve got some tweeners, you can send them off by themselves for a round of Truth or Dare.  You can get a list of truths and dares here:

Print them off, cut them into individual strips, and put them into two jars.  Moving through the group, each one picks from one of the jars, then has to answer or do whatever is printed on their paper.

Knocking off from a television show, you can also put together a series of Minute to Win It challenges.  Everyone can be involved in this one.  Here, each player or team will have one minute to complete a task assigned to them.  You can get some great ideas off this site or here

If you need to settle the crew down for a bit, break out a memory game.  Put a number of different objects on a tray, or in a small box.  These can be small figures, kitchen items, toys, whatever you have laying around.  You want to target about twenty items.  Keep the box covered until ready to play. Have everyone gather around, grab a pencil and paper, and get ready to go.  Remove the cover, and give everyone one to two minutes to try to remember everything on the tray.  Cover it up at the end of the time, and have them write down what they remembered.  Adults can act as scribes for younger ones.  Winner is the one who remembers the most items.

If you can stand the mess, try a Gummy Bear hunt.  Get some paper plates, and fill them with a heavy helping of whipped cream or Cool Whip.  Hide three or four gummies in the whipped cream.  When you say go, the kids start looking for the bears, and the first one to find all of them is the winner.  And, if it’s not obvious, they are not allowed to use their hands!

Last but not least, we’ll wrap up with a couple of musical games.  One is the old stand-by, Musical Chairs.  You can use actual chairs if you have enough, or you can put cardboard squares on the floor to act as the chairs.  Start the music up, and get everyone marching around the circle of chairs – with one less than the number of kids.  When the music stops, everyone tries to get on a chair or square.  If you don’t, you’re out.  Keep going until there is a winner.

Somewhat similar is Musical Statues.  In this kid’s party game, everyone is dancing to the music, and, when it stops, has to freeze in whatever position they are in, and stay in that position until the music restarts.  Appoint a referee; anyone that doesn’t stop quickly enough, moves, or changes positions is out.

If you do run out of ideas, you can always delve into the internet world for some on line games for your partiers.  Shooting down aliens can turn into a party game easily enough, and the game will even keep score for you.

So, whatever the occasion, whatever the weather, we should have you covered with this variety of children’s party games.  Enjoy your party!









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