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21 Magical Harry Potter Party Ideas for only Wizards and Witches

Themed birthday parties are all the rage and it’s easier than ever to choose a theme and throw a party that is great fun, inexpensive and creative.  Harry Potter parties are very popular with kids of all ages, and not surprisingly, with adults too.  You can pretty much plan every aspect of your Harry Potter birthday party with all the information you find online, starting with the invitation and ending off with the party pack.

You can do a general Harry Potter party, i.e. include all the main characters, or you can go with a Marauder theme.  The Marauders were a group of Gryffindors – Lupin, Pettigrew, Sirius Black and Potter – who broke all the rules but died along the way.  They’d attended Hogwarts, created the Marauder’s Map and helped future generations of mischief makers.

Decoration by fabi_baloes

The Marauder’s are real heroes in the Harry Potter books and in the eyes of all the readers, and so a Marauder’s theme is always a huge hit.

Let’s take a look at the Harry Potter party ideas that you can use.

01. Harry Potter Birthday Party Banner

02. Harry Potter Birthday Invitation

03. Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

04. Harry Potter Gift Tags

05. Harry Potter Water Bottle Wrappers

06. Harry Potter Food Tent Labels

07. Harry Potter KitKat and Candy Wrappers

08. Harry Potter Party Hats

09. Harry Potter Pop Corn Bags

10. Harry Potter Birthday Cake

11. Harry Potter Birthday Bingo

12. Harry Potter Birthday Balloons

13. Cards against muggles

14. Hogwarts Marauder Map Invitation

15. Where is the Wizard frame

16. Harry Potter Coloring Book

17. Gyrifndor Childs Robe

18. Harry Potter Potions Labels

19. Harry Potter Party Snacks

20. Harry Potter Wands

21. Harry Potter Photo Booth Props


Harry Potter Birthday Party Banners

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A party banner is a must.  Party banners do not have to cost a lot and they immediately give a room a Harry Potter theme.  A Harry Potter party banner can be ordered online and you can hang it on the day, either over all the delicious themed Harry Potter food, or in the games room, or everywhere!  It’s a must-have birthday accessory.  There are a wide range and you can find a simple Harry Potter birthday party banner or one filled with wizards and muggles and owls.  The options are endless and you can have a Marauder’s map on the banner too.


Harry Potter Birthday Invitations

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If you look on the internet you will find a range of Harry Potter birthday invites that are in a PDF format that is easy to edit.  You can choose the invite that suits you – maybe an invited with a Marauder’s map – filled with wizards and witches, muggles and owls, download, edit it to include your kid’s name and details of the party, and then print.  The invites come in various styles and sizes and are magical, mystical and as elaborate and fun as you choose.  Edit the invite so that your kid is the muggle or the wizard who is having the party, put in his age, the date and address of the party, and any further details.  If it is a Harry Potter dress up party, you can edit the invite and ask kids to wear a hat or carry a wand, or dress up as their favourite Harry Potter character.  Do the invite with your child, it’s fun and great bonding.

Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

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These are easy accessories for a themed birthday party.  You can order them online, download and print them.  You are either going to bake your own cupcakes or order them from a bakery – either way the most simple of cupcakes can look amazing with a cupcake topper.  And Harry Potter cupcake toppers are pretty magical.  You may choose the houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws too, to separate cupcakes by colour.


Harry Potter Gift Tags

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Personalising gift tags for a birthday party, just like personalising the invitation, is a fun thing.  Get your child involved in choosing the gift tag that he or she wants, and together you can choose the words.  Gift tags can go on the party bags at the end of the party, they can be used for the birthday child himself, and they can have Harry Potter wording – thank you for coming, muggles – or anything you choose.


Harry Potter Water bottle Wrappers

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It’s become a very good idea to hand out water bottles at birthday parties.  It’s good for the environment, the party goers leave with a momento, and a water bottle wrapper means the theme of the party is continued throughout.  Look at the Harry Potter water bottle wrappers that you can order online, and personalise if you choose to.  Use wizard themes or marauder theme’s and your water bottle can become a personalised Harry Potter map too.


Harry Potter Food tent labels

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There is so much you can do with a Harry Potter birthday party.  We’ve spoken about the invitations, the birthday banners, cupcake toppers and more.  Think about personalising Harry Potter food tent labels too.  You can choose so many, the Harry Potter house, any Harry Potter character, sorting tents and wizard hats and wands. The brighter and more magical the party the better, and you can do this with all these fabulous Harry Potter birthday accessories.


Harry Potter KitKat and Candy Wrappers

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Candy wrappers are great for a personalised birthday party.  Choose Harry Potter Kitkat and Candy wrappers, personalise them, and again, download, edit and print.  They are lots of fun, make extra delicious edibles and will keep the kids coming back for more.


Harry Potter Party Hats

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No party is fun without bright and glitzy party hats.  These Harry Potter party hats are fun and fabulous and suitable for all ages.  You can choose your own hats, and maybe even, look at the Harry Potter sorting hats.  Again, a party hat is a great party accessory and the kids will giggles and laugh and make a lot of their own magic.


Harry Potter Popcorn Bags

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Popcorn bags are always a huge hit at a birthday party.  In fact, how does anyone not eat popcorn.  Another fun and easy thing to do is make Harry Potter Popcorn bags.  There is a good variety for you to choose from – maybe you need a few more muggles or owls at your party – and you can personalise, edit and print.  Your kid is going to have a great party.  Or – you are going to have a great party, in case this is for you.


Harry Potter Birthday Cake


Harry Potter Birthday Bingo

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Harry Potter Birthday Balloons

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Cards Against Muggles

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Hogwarts Marauder Map Invitation

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Where is the Wizard Frame

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Harry Potter Coloring Book

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Gryffindor Childs Robe

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Harry Potter Potions Labels

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Harry Potter Party Snacks

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Harry Potter Wands

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Harry Potter Photo Booth Props

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Choose a Harry Potter theme.  Have fun.  And make lots of magic.

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