17 Spooky Halloween Party Games of All Time

Are you looking for Spooky Halloween Party Games for both Adults and Kids.

So, to help you make your party a memorable one, here are some Halloween themed party games.  We’ll give you a mix of adult and children’s Halloween party games, and even some that all age groups can enjoy.

#1 Halloween A-Z

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#2 Halloween Villain Match Up

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#3 Halloween This or That

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#4 Spooky Scattergories

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#5 Scary Movie Trivia

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#6 Dead or Alive

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#7 Pin the Tail on the Cat

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#8 Help the Ghost Say Boo

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#9 Pin a Face on the Jack O Lantern

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#10 Halloween Charades

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#11 Halloween Game, Horror Movie Quiz

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#12 Halloween Bingo

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#13 Halloween Maze

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#14 Halloween Word Search

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#15 Halloween Tic Tac Toe

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#16 Haunted House

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#17 Halloween Word Scramble

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Here’s one everyone can play – balloon stomp.  Buy a bunch of Halloween color balloons, blow them all up, and tie about a two- or three-foot length of ribbon or string to each one.  You can either divide your guests into teams or have everyone play individually.  They should each tie a balloon to their ankle (or one to each ankle, for twice the fun), and stand apart until you start the game.  The object is to step on and break someone else’s balloon, and to protect yours.  Last balloon left is the winner.

Here’s one for the adult party.  You can go a couple different ways with this game – Horror Movie Trivia.  Use any of these ideas individually, or mix and match as you see fit.  You can start with a list of movies on one side of a paper, and characters on the other side, and have your guests match them up.  Too simple?  Mix in some famous quotes from horror movies.  You can get a start on the list here:  https://www.lifewire.com/free-horror-movie-trivia-games-1357639.

If you want to keep the little ones occupied, here are some free, printable games available on the Internet.  They run the gamut from word searches to coloring to bingo, so everyone can find something they like to do.  http://party-games-etc.com/halloween.htm

If you can find a cheap source of toilet paper, Mummy Wrap should find its way into your party.  Separate the group into teams of two.  One will start as the mummy, the other as the mummy wrapper.  The idea is to wrap your partner completely in toilet paper, turning him/her into the mummy.  Once completed, the mummy then breaks out of the wrapping, takes the roll of paper, and wraps their partner.  First team to finish wins the left-over toilet paper, or, if you prefer, a goodie bag of treats.

Here are two really “corny” games you can try.  For the first, fill a small bowl with candy corn, and put it next to an empty bowl.  The object is to use a spoon to transfer the corn from the full bowl to the empty one.  There’s only one catch – no hand’s allowed.  You have to hold your spoon in your mouth to play.  You can time each player to make it a competition, or just sit back and watch the fun.

In the second one, candy corn also plays a starting role.  Find a small juice glass and set it on the floor in front of a chair.  Have the first player kneel on the chair, and give him a fixed count of corn, say ten pieces.  With the hand at shoulder level, the object is to drop as many pieces of the corn as you can into the glass.  As you might guess, this one could get interesting for the adults as the evening progresses.

After being told to quiet down for their entire lives, your kids will love this one – a screaming and howling contest.  It’s as simple as it sounds.  Give each child a chance to come up with their best and loudest howl or scream.  The adults can vote and give treat prizes for loudest, scariest, most realistic, and funniest.

Halloween “feel” boxes may not be for the squeamish, but we’re betting the grosser the better when the kids get involved.  The idea is to put items into a box that resemble something gross in feel.  Peeled grapes could be used for eyeballs, cooked rice could be maggots, a peanut butter covered banana could be… Well, you get the idea.  For more ideas, see https://www.thespruce.com/halloween-feel-box-game-1357636.

Bobbing for apples is a tried and true Halloween game, but who needs the water mess?  Tie strings to the stems of apples, and then tie them to a beam, tree limb, or just hold them at the right height for the kids.  Their challenge is to take a bite of the apple, without using their hands to hold it.

Pass the Pumpkin is a spin-off of Musical Chairs.  Have the kids sit in a circle, give them a medium sized pumpkin, and start the music.  They keep handing it to the person next to them, moving it around the circle, until the music stops.  Whoever is holding the pumpkin is out.  Last one left is the winner.

Older kids and adults may enjoy a Halloween Murder Mystery party.  Most of these will involve some level of role playing, and the thought power to identify a monster or murdered.  There are a few ideas for the mysteries here: https://www.partygameideas.com/halloween-murder-mystery-party/.

Want to try your hand at pumpkin bowling?  You’ll need to buy a few pumpkins to start; get smaller ones for younger children, bigger ones for the older kids.  Then pick your bowling pins.  You can stack rolls of toilet paper or empty cans with Halloween faces drawn on them (which is another activity for the kids).  Tape a line on the floor to start from, appoint a pin setter, and then turn them loose.

You can do this next game either individually, with a timer, or with teams.  It’s the Eyeball Race.  At it’s simplest, tape a starting line and a finish line on the floor.  Each person gets a spoon and an eyeball (a decorated ping pong ball as below).  Carrying the eyeball, you walk to the finish line, turn, and come back.  If you drop it, you have to start over at the beginning.  If you are doing this individually, you can time the kids.  If you want to use teams, have them hand the spoon and eyeball to the next in line, and so on, like a relay race.  Whichever team completes the race first is the winner.  To add some variation and fun, put some obstacles in the course – a chair they have to sit down in, and then get up again.  Objects to walk over or around.  Maybe a flight of stairs.  If you opt for plastic spoons, you can have them carry the ball with the spoon in their mouth instead of the hand, for added difficulty.

Name the Monster is a good way to get your guests mingling and talking to each other.  As each guest arrives, you tape a piece of paper to their back with the name of a monster on it.  This can be a generic monster, like vampire or werewolf, or a specific monster, like Freddy Krueger or Hannibal Lecter.  As the guests mingle, they can ask others questions about their monster, but nothing direct like asking the name.  Sample questions might be “Do I have sharp teeth?”, “Am I a serial killer?”, or similar questions.  You can get ideas for both characters and questions here:  https://www.luvze.com/halloween-games-for-adults/.

If you want to fall back on the classics, you can always plan a Halloween party game of Charades.  Divide your guests into two or more teams.  Have a list of Halloween related items prepared, give a slip of paper to the first player, and have him act out, without talking, the Halloween theme he’s been given.  Set a timer to keep the game moving along.  His teammates have to guess what charade he is acting out before the timer goes off.  A good starting list is also available at https://www.luvze.com/halloween-games-for-adults/.

Next up on the oldies but goodies list is Halloween Pictionary.  Here, you’ll need a good-sized white board or paper tablet on a stand.  Divide everyone up into two or more teams.  One player will draw a picture from a list of Halloween themed items you’ve already prepared, and his teammates will try to guess what he is drawing.  For the ultimate in humiliation, try the men against the ladies in this game.  The kids can play either of these games, but you might have to simplify the two lists somewhat for them to enjoy it.  You can get some starter ideas at the same website highlighted above.

This one can work for the kids and the adults.  But it will be more fun for the adults later in the party, after a few “adult beverages” have been consumed.  It’s on the same idea as bobbing for apples, but in this case it’s donuts.  Tie a string through the center of the donut, hang them from a beam, stick, or whatever you can do to get them at the right height for the players.  A broomstick gives you extra flexibility in setting the right height, and you can also use it to make the donut a moving target.  The idea is to eat the entire donut without using your hands, and without it falling to the floor.

Scavenger hunts can be fun for both kids and adults.  For the kids, you can mix in specific pictures with the decorations, hide things inside a carved pumpkin, or spread them around anywhere indoors or out.  You can give everyone a list and have them finds as many items from the list as they can in a set time period, or call out one item at a time and see who is the first to bring it back.  You can give prizes either way.

For the adults, assuming that not too many adult beverages have been consumed, you can give them a list, put them in their cars as couples or teams, and sent them around the neighborhood to find specific items.  You can do some reconnaissance on your own to develop the list, or use this one.  First team back with everything on the list wins; cell phone camera photos are proof they found it.  https://www.luvze.com/halloween-games-for-adults/

And last but not least, here’s one more Halloween party game.  It’s probably geared more to adults and older kids, called (and I have to admit, I never heard of this one) Halloween Taboo.  Teams are again assigned, and you, as host, have already set up a list of clue words.  But the key to Taboo is there are also words that you cannot use to describe your clue word.  For example, if the clue word is “pumpkin”, you may not be allowed to say “orange”, “jack-o-lantern”, or “carve”, but “Thanksgiving pie” would be okay to use.  There are a lot of examples of clue words and clues that can’t be used on the Luvze site listed above.

So, there you have it.  A big list, all in one place, of Halloween party games.  We hope you will be one of the almost 180 million celebrators, and that these ideas help you celebrate in style.  Happy Halloween!

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