9 Stunning Graduation Photo Booth Frames Worth Stealing

Graduation Photo Booth Frames

It’s spring, so you know what that means—graduation season is here! Celebrate all the hard work your grad put in with a cute and fun photo booth!  These are the perfect props for graduation parties, after-graduation school functions, and they even make good backgrounds for yearbook layouts for schools!  Here are some of our all-time favorites to help you celebrate this momentous occasion, whether it’s a graduation from kindergarten, high school or college!

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Looks Like We Made It

Perfect for high school and college graduates alike, this simple yet elegant photo booth can showcase your grads however you choose—casual or formal, in cap and gown.  We’ve chosen to feature the Class of 2015 here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for this year’s grads!  This one is made of black construction paper, but if you make it with wood and coat it with specialty blackboard paint, you can change the year annually and use it forever!

Not Your Basic Balloons

This one may look complex, but it really isn’t.  This is part of a kit, but you could do this one in school colors and get the letters for your high school or college.  Because the PVC is light and durable, this is another one that looks great for years and year!  Just get balloons every year for your school!  Take it off the frame and use it for kindergarten or elementary school graduations, too!

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Celebrate and Graduate!

This is one of the most enthusiastic and joyous booths imaginable, and because there is no “set” background, this makes it perfect for graduation, Independence Day, or any other holiday or celebration you can think of!  You can customize the banner to suit your school and keep all the fans and pinwheels for several years.  This one is as bright and promising as your special graduates!

Diploma Booth

This one is perfect for high school, college, or even graduate school.  Our featured grad chose to go casual, but this would be good for pre-ceremonial caps and gowns.  Use black paper for the graduation cap and accent it with gold or silver, and take ribbons in school colors for the ribbons on the diplomas.  This one is simple, classic, and understated!  

Rockin’ Senior Year!

Know a grad who totally rocks?  This one’s for them!  You could keep it with the senior theme, or take a banner that proudly states what year they graduate, put a mortarboard on them, and let the photo speak for itself!  Simple, yet unique!  Kids who play in bands love this one, and it’s easy to see why!  Show the world your class totally rocked senior year with this rockin’ yet easy photo idea!

Simple and Effective

This one’s pretty much perfect, no matter what age the graduate is or where they may be headed after graduation.  Every grad gets a golden opportunity to shine among the stars with this cute and simple graduation photo booth background!  This one is a good all-around background that is suitable for all ages, and the ribbons on the diplomas can always reflect the school colors.  Perfect for everyone from pre-K to high school!

Understated, But Still Fun

This one is displayed in a classroom immediately upon completion, but it could easily be moved (or made!) outside right before a graduation ceremony takes place.  The fabric near the top doesn’t have to be burlap—you could make two swags in your school’s colors and keep the rest as it is, including the gold balloons!  Pallets are so useful and economical you can use this one year after year!  Just change the date for each class!

That Cute, Quirky Class!

If an entire graduating class is filled with unique, quirky, eclectic personalities that are as bright as their futures, then this refreshing and arty photo booth idea will be perfect for them!  This one utilized trees on campus, and it is both simple to make and tear down at the end of the ceremony!  The handy hashtag blackboard makes it easy to remind people to hash their photos when posting to social media and all the balloons and streamers will add that perfectly festive touch to an otherwise basic photo booth.  The options on this one are endless and this is one everyone will talk about and try to emulate for years to come!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Take your grad-themed photo booth to another level of awesome with this Dr. Seuss-inspired theme, featuring school colors, streamers and fairy lights, and a variety of destinations, courtesy of Oh! The Places You’ll Go! The book is a graduation classic, especially for kindergarten and high school students, and this photo booth is the perfect opportunity to encourage graduates to take this opportunity and new-found freedom and run with it, encouraging them to aim for their fullest potential!

The One Where Everyone Graduates

We’ve saved one of the best—and one of our favorites—for last.  This is perfect for that one class that is obsessed with the ‘90s sitcom Friends, and this is another one that everyone will be talking about, no matter how long they’ve been out of school.  We enjoyed this one so much that the pictures are below this write-up, for convenience and space consideration.  Extra props for any extra props you choose to use with this one, just make sure you have a little help moving the couch.  Pivot!



Graduation is a major milestone in everyone’s life, and that’s why parents get misty-eyed and everyone from the teachers to your high school principal encourages everyone to stick with school so you can graduate and get on with your life, and be the smashing success everyone knows you are!  Whether it’s at school or at the after-graduation party, there’s something for everyone with these great graduation photo booth ideas!  Congratulations on achieving that diploma and we wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors.  And now you’ve got the pics on your social media feed to prove it!  Congratulations and good luck!


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