19 Epic Fortnite Party Ideas that Brings Fortnite to Real Life

How to Create an Epic Fortnite Birthday Party

It has already been a year since the release of Fortnite, and the game has been a hit loved by kids and teenagers alike. If you are also a fan of Fortnite, you can bring the game to life through the creation of a Fortnite-themed party. From the decorations and music to the food and drinks, you can make every kid that attends your birthday party feel like they have been transported into the game. Simply use the following ideas.

  1. The Banner

With a simple Internet search, you can print out your own customized, Fortnite banner. If you are making use of buntings, try printing your letters with a Fortnite color scheme and font. Glue the letters to the buntings and you’re good to go. There are also lots of characters that you can print out and add to your buntings, making them more attractive to kids – it is a birthday after all.

  1. Supply Drop Banner

Children are always eager to find out what awaits at a party. A supply drop banner is what you need to keep their spirits high. Fortnite is a game with a foundation of completing tasks and getting supplies. A supply drop banner, in this case, will give the kids a clue to the treasures that await them if they complete the various challenges you conjure.

  1. Supply Drop Bag

Children love to be handed bags at parties, as they are often filled with sweets and toys. In Fortnite, supplies are dropped in bags and you can do the same with your Fortnite-themed party. Find colored bags at everyday supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart. Use stencils to write “DROP” on the exterior of the bags. For an added Fortnite touch, try putting ‘medkits’ and ‘v-bucks’ in the bags and then tie a balloon to the handle. Kids love bags and balloons; they will surely treasure the memory of having both at the same time.

  1. FortniteInvitations

The party starts with the invitations, so make your guests understand that it is a Fortnite-themed party. There are various Fortnite invitations available on the Internet. You can print them out and hand them to your guests. Besides knowing how many guests you would be expecting, you will also be making a statement that your guests will be attending a Fortnite-themed party.

  1. Thank You Tags

Saying a simple “Thank you” shows your guests just how much you appreciate their presence. Take things a step further by creating Fortnite-themed “Thank you” tags. These can be tied to the supply-drop which will be given to the children. There are an abundance of Fortnite designs that you can print on paper tags to express your gratitude.


  1. The Wraps

Fortnite’s ‘slurp juice’, which when found in the game, can replenish your energy upon consumption. The sight of these blue liquids, combined with the presence of strong, young imaginations, will definitely make kids happy. You can make your own ‘slurp juice’ by pouring any blue-coloured liquid in small, plastic, transparent jugs; decorate the jugs with ribbons for an authentic touch. Alternatively, you can also print out Fortnite wraps, and place them around any of your beverages.


Medkits and V-Bucks

Reward the kids that make it to your party with ‘medkits’ and ‘v-bucks’. ‘Medkits’ can be made using white chocolate and rice crispy treats that are cut into rectangles. It is wrapped with red icing and a white cross is made in the middle using a white icing. These ‘medkits’ are pleasing to the eye and tasty, too. The children will be lining up for more.


In Fortnite, the ‘v-bucks’ are of great worth. Finding these would definitely cause great excitement. To create these, purchase white chocolate coins that are about 1.5 inches in diameter. Search for the ‘v-bucks’ image on Google and print them out. Paste them on one side of the coin. On the other side, you can place an image that says “Thanks for Coming”. The choice of image design is up to you; the only rule is that you stick to the Fortnite theme.


Cupcake Toppers

It would be fun to make cupcake toppers look like actual Fortnite deals. You can achieve this by printing out the deals and placing them on foam sticky paper attached to cake pop sticks. You can have the children play Fortnite-based mini games. Reward the winners with a Fortnite cupcake topper.


Cupcake Wraps 

Thanks to cupcake wraps, you can customize your cupcakes to reflect the Fortnite theme of the party. Print the Fortnite theme on the cupcake wraps and use them to cover your cupcakes. The kids at your party will be caught up in the frenzy of admiring their cakes if you use various and unique designs for your wraps.


Treat Bag Toppers

Kids always look forward to the treat bags and the goodies they contain. There are different designs of treat bags; you can easily get them from the mall. Decorate these bags with pictures from Fortnite and fill them with ‘v-bucks’, ‘slurp juice’, Fortnite toys and any other Fortnite-based items you think of.


Location Signs 

There are twelve locations in Fortnite and you can transform different parts of your home or birthday venue into one of these unique Fortnite locations using various signs. Decorate each of the locations to mimic the in-game areas. Kids always love adventure and will love the feel they get from moving from one location to another.


Fortnite Bingo 

The best way to keep kids engaged in a birthday party is through games. Thankfully, Fortnite has a card game consisting of 20 different cards. You can bring these to your party. This should keep the kids busy for as long as you want.


Happy Birthday Sign

As much as you wish to bring the world of Fortnite to life, you don’t also want your guests to forget that it is your birthday. Have a “Happy Birthday” sign printed on a Fortnite background and display it where everyone can see it.


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