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21 Best Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Whether a boy or girl, kids love dinosaurs!  If your little one is one of the millions of children all over the world who are fascinated by dinosaurs, you are in the right place to get dinosaur birthday party ideas.

Hey, smart Mama, smart kid! So, to make sure your little dino lover has the best birthday ever, try some dinosaur birthday party ideas – dino-mite!

The great part of a dinosaur birthday party is, because of their popularity, you can find just about anything with a dinosaur theme.  Here are some starting points for your Jurassic event.

check out this cool dinosaur theme party idea by mamaefesteiradecor

Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation

This one is perfect for the older kids; fearsome dinosaurs who even ate a chunk out of the invitation.  Set your date, time, and place, download and print, and your party is ready to rock.

Want a friendlier dinosaur on your invitation? from Barney right on up.  Sneak a peak at these little guys:

Get the party invitation

Dinosaur Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

With the invitations out of the way, it’s time to think about some dinosaur birthday party decoration ideas.  How about a customized, large scale banner to greet your guests?  Here’s a complete kit – balloons, garland, banner, and even a “Roar” sign.

Is the banner a little too subtle for your taste?  Imagine the faces as your child’s friends are greeted by this almost six-foot tall monster.  Have the camera ready as the guests arrive.  This is a photo op for the ages!  As an opener for your themed party, go to your local dollar store and buy some plastic dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Banners

Make sure there are enough dinosaurs for every child who will be attending the party.  Put the names of the dinosaurs on tags around their necks, put them in a large bowl, and let each child pick their favorite!

Dinosaur birthday banner dinosaur birthday party decorations Happy Birthday+Name

Get Dinosaur Banner

Dinosaur Plates and Cups + (Shopping List)

Whether you choose to go to a discount chain store or have access to a party supply store, there are lots of great dinosaur-themed party decorations to really make your party pop!  Whether you want specialty Mylar balloons shaped like dinosaurs or you just want dinosaurs printed onto regular balloons, there are numerous dino-themed party supplies you can find!

Look for dark-green streamers, cardboard leaves, and dinosaur plates and cups to make your dinosaur party complete! If you want to blaze a trail to the party room, Etsy has dinosaur footprints that can help you lead the way.

Once everyone has arrived, it’s time for some entertainment.  If you can go to your local supermarket or dollar store, you might be lucky enough to find some dinosaur eggs.

Either real (hard boiled, of course) or plastic will work, and there are lots of things you can do with them.  They can be colored or painted, stuffed with a treat and hidden for an egg search, or carried on a wooden spoon for a dinosaur relay race.

Bad Weather? Indoor Dinosaur Party Ideas

If the weather has you stuck indoors, try a game of dinosaur bingo or tic-tac-toe.   Etsy has some downloadable bingo options especially for the younger kids, where they can match shapes.  Older kids can use the numbered version of the game.  You can find markers for the game there; simply print out and get started.  Here are a couple of examples:

At this point, you’ve probably got some dinosaurs that are pretty thirsty, and ready to head over to the watering hole for some refreshments.  Pick up some themed cups at Etsy, mark everyone’s name on them, and you’re ready to go.  This set comes complete with lids and straws.  You can also pick up customized labels at their site for water bottles or cups.

Dinosaur Party Games

If you’d like more dinosaur party themed games, take a look here:

One that should be fun for all is the dinosaur sneak and stomp.  Pick up a roll of bubble wrap at the dollar or hardware store, and cut off several three- or four- foot lengths, enough so everyone can play either individually or as part of a team.

Get everyone to take their shoes off, and put some prey (in the form of wrapped treats) at the end of the bubble wrap.  Your dinosaurs have to sneak up on the prey, being careful not to pop the bubbles.  Once everyone has had a chance to accomplish that, it’s time for t-rex to make his appearance, and stomp that bubble wrap flat.  It’s going to be noisy, but they will love it.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

It’s always a good idea to have some snacks on hand for your little dinosaurs, before they get overly hungry and try to eat the cat.  There are a wide variety of snack boxes, cups, and bags available.  You can also find labels for your snack bowls with a dinosaur theme.  You can even buy customized snacks at Etsy, with your child’s name and a fierce dinosaur on the bag of a special treat.  Check this out:

Dinosaur birthday idea by divinecookieco

Dinosaur parties lend themselves to lots of interesting options when it comes to food.  Of course, there should be a birthday cake for the special birthday boy or girl, but the great thing about this theme is that you can really get interesting with the cake!  A volcano cake that blasts “lava” would be a great addition for this type of party!

There are tons of recipes online and on YouTube for parents who want to make their own, or you could always call your local grocery store or bakery and special-order a volcano cake.  Since dinosaur parties are becoming more popular, these types of cakes are becoming more readily available.  All you need to do is call and order one! Here’s a link for some special cake recipes for his/her special day:

If you prefer going the more traditional route, you can always make a cake shaped like your child’s favorite dinosaur or have a cake with special dinosaur numbers for your child’s age.

Watch this to make an awesome lava cake for your next dinosaur birthday party.

Dinosaur Party Cake Toppers

Cupcakes with dinosaur toppers are a great idea for little ones, so long as the special birthday boy or girl gets the biggest cupcake with their favorite dinosaur on top!  Make sure that you don’t forget the special dinosaur candles on top!

Another option is to make a dirt cake and sprinkle the top with gummy dinosaurs, candy dinosaur “eggs” and use a toy dinosaur as the cake topper.  Dirt cake is easy to make and feeds a lot of people fast, so this is a good choice for moms who are busy or who have a lot of little people showing up for the party! You can find dozens of recipes all over the Internet.

Whichever route you choose, you can stick with your dinosaur birthday party theme by selecting from a wide variety of paper plates, napkins, cups, cake or cupcake toppers, place cards – you name it.  You can order customized plates, or stay with preprinted ones like this:

If you don’t want to make a bunch of individual decisions, order a complete party set, all following your dinosaur party idea.  Here’s a party pack with everything from invitations to thank you cards, all customized with your child’s name and birthday information.


Dinosaur Goodie Bags

As your guests are getting ready to leave, it’s time to give them some memories of the occasion.  Etsy has a giant variety of goodie bags and boxes, with even more things to put inside them.  For the young ladies, how about dinosaur bracelets?  You can also find unique items like dinosaur shaped crayons, stickers and tattoos, mini dinos, and editable favor bag tags, like this one.

The bags or boxes themselves can be the standard paper types, but for something more permanent, consider one made from burlap or cotton fabric.  Again, many of the them can be customized to make the occasion more memorable.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you pick up some dinosaur thank-you cards to complete the theme.  The best thing is some of it can be customized with the birthday boy/girl’s picture and a special message to all their guests.

Now that the day is done, you can rest assured that you’ve created a great memory for your little one.  Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they will live on in their minds for a very long time.

Whats your dinosaur name?

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