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21 Brilliant Bridal shower Ideas That You Wished You Knew Before

Organise the best bridal shower for your best girlfriend!

Your best friend is getting married and it is so exciting, talking about the wedding, discussing all the small details, pouring over magazines and looking at dresses, thinking about bridesmaid dresses, the cake, invitations and of course, the honeymoon.

As a best friend there is one more thing you have to do and that is plan a bridal shower.  You can do this as a surprise for the bride-to-be, or you can discuss it with her in advance and work out a date that suits her.  Whichever way you choose to do it, there is still going to be a lot of planning and a lot of surprise planning.

Let’s take a look at the most important things you need to do for a bridal shower:-

  • Settle on a date.
  • Write out a list of all your friend’s friends.
  • Book a venue.
  • Choose a theme.
  • Make the invites and send them out.
  • Keep track of the RSVPs.
  • Think about bridal gifts.
  • Look at a menu and decide on drinks.
  • Work out your party games, which can focus around the gifts.
  • Think about presents!
  • Have tons of fun.


A bridal shower is usually between six or eight weeks before the wedding. There is no set rule but you do not want to have the shower too close to the wedding.  There is too much wedding plan and the two should be totally separate events.  Decide on a date, either with the bride or with her friends, and start the planning.


Bridal showers do not need to be surprises.  They can be, and it is a lot of fun working out how to surprise the bride and make sure that she does not find out in advance.  But, if you think a surprise shower would be too stressful for her, and some people don’t like surprises, then discuss the date with her in advance.

Once you have decided on a date for the bridal shower, start writing out lists.  If this is a surprise, you need to be super careful that you do not leave anyone off the list. Always make the lists bigger and cut down rather than making them small and then adding on.  Remember, you need to think about friends and family members too.

Now you are going to have to find a venue.  This will depend on your budget. If you have a high budget, look at fancy venues.  If money is tight, have the bridal shower at home.  The success of the shower is not about the venue at all, it’s about the atmosphere you create, so don’t stress too much about the perfect venue.

Think about a theme for the bridal shower.  We like to suggest you think about themes before you make the bridal shower invitations out, as this way you can theme the invites.   A theme, which fits in with your venue and the time of the shower, could be a tea party, cocktails, a champagne brunch, the swinging sixties, Gatsby, romance, florals and flowers or high fashion.  It can be anything you want, as long as you make it a constant.  You may want to choose a theme that is the same as one of the bride’s passions or hobbies – perhaps she loves to swim, bake, or write poetry.  It’s not hard to incorporate a passion into a theme.

You are going to have a lot of fun making the bridal shower invitations.  You can get the most fabulous bridal shower party invitations online where you can use a template and then custom design the invitation, using the theme that we just discussed above.  Take a look online where you will be able to find many ideas for the invitations.  The beauty of a bridal shower party invitation template is that you can get the basic idea off the internet, but then personalise and custom design the invite to make it super special and meaningful for the bride-to-be.

Once you start getting responses from the people on the guest list, keep a note of who is coming!  This is important as you may want to discuss gifts, party ideas and plans, or the whole thing behind the surprise.  And of course, it is important to know numbers as far as the venue goes, catering and drinks.

Gifts are something you need to think about in advance.  You may want to ask your friend, even quietly, what kind of gifts she would really like.  There is a trend today to buying one large gift from everyone combined, rather than getting lots of small gifts that just take up a lot of space but are not really needed.  On the other hand, a bridal shower is a perfect time to stock up a kitchen, get beautiful linen for a bedroom, receive plants for a garden, and also got self care treats for the bride – body lotions, candles, underwear!  There is no rule to what the gifts should be for a bridal shower, just as long as they fit within everyone’s budget and that the bride will love them.

There is one ‘almost rule’ when it comes to bridal shower gifts.  Traditionally, the mom and  the mother in law, buy pretty big gifts.  You don’t want to upstage any moms or grannies.  If you want to buy a washing machine, check first that nobody has already done it.  Not that everyone can afford a washing machine, but I am sure you get the point here.

It’s a really wonderful idea with gifts to leave a little rhyme, poem or haiku on the gift.  It can be something that is a little obtuse, a reference to what the gift is.  This is a fun game in a way.  The bride-to-be gets the gift, can feel it and can read the note, but has to guess what it is before she opens it.  This leads to great hilarity and can in fact be the entire theme of the bridal shower.

Someone – possibly the person who organised the bridal shower – should have a pen and paper handy, so when the gifts re opened a list is written down with details of who gave what. For example:-

Lisa – cutlery set.

Joan – silk underwear.

Mom-in-law – washing machine!

This makes it easier for the bride-to-be to send thank you notes to all her guests a few days after the shower.  If you have used a bridal shower party invitation template, you can use a similar bridal shower thank you template.  It means you can design your own invitations and our own thank you notes, customise them and make them absolutely fabulous, and themed, for the bridal shower.

It’s now time to start thinking about the food.  The first person to consider is the bride-to-be.  Is she a super healthy eater or a vegan?  Does she love to guzzle champagne?  Is she a cupcakes kind of girl or does she love sushi or french fries.  Given that she is the entire focus of this party, it’s a lovely idea to focus the food around her too.  You certainly don’t have to theme the food or drink – rather choose if you are going to have a breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails or dinner – and then work out the menu according to budget, likes and dislikes and of course – elegance, sophistication, deliciousness and fun!

While you do not need to necessarily theme the food, it is a lovely idea to theme the bridal shower decor.  This is not a kids birthday party so you definitely do not need to go overboard – unless you are choosing a wild cowgirl kind of bridal shower theme in which case go as wild as you want – but you should give attention to decor.  You may want it to be sophisticated, elegant, homely, natural, romantic, floral or glitzy.  This is totally up to you and you know what your friend will love.  Have a few balloons, definitely put flowers on the tables, and some sparkle is fun.

When we say sparkle, have a few fun things for the bride to dress up in.  It could be a feather boa and a top hat, it could be a sexy apron, it could be a blindfold or a sexy maid’s uniform. I’ve known some bridal showers where the bride has to wear a diaper and such on a pacifier! Again, use your theme.  Keep it fun, keep it sexy if that’s what the bride is like, keep it whatever you think will work!

We think that the gifts and the games with a bridal shower go together. Generally, the bride-to-be will sit in the centre of the room, or at the head of the table.  You can decorate her chair with a few balloons or tinsels.  The guests will gather around as she opens presents.  She will sit there, in the way you have dressed her or even undressed her, sipping tea or champagne, opening gifts, reading the poems or the notes, playing guessing games, surrounded by laughter.

Laughter and fun are what define a great and successful baby shower.  The fun starts with the bridal shower invites, and it ends only when the thank you notes have been sent.  The planning is great fun, inviting people is fun, thinking up themes and party ideas or game ideas is great fun.  You also want some meaning to the bridal shower, and this is when you, or the best friend, or mom, mom in law or even grandmother, may give a few words.

A wedding is often a serious business when it comes to speeches.  A bridal shower is different. It is nice for the important people to say a few words, either of thanks, or of gratitude or perhaps talking about friendship.  You may have organised the baby shower for a friend who has been in your life for thirty years.  You are without doubt entitled to say a few words, to talk about your friendship and the importance of friendship.  Keep the speeches quite short, be mindful that a few family members may well want to say a few words too, and don’t do them all at the same time or your guests will fall asleep.

And then, it’s all over.  You have done all this fabulous planning, your bridal shower has been the most wonderful success, you’re saying farewell to everyone, and perhaps even giving all the guests a small thank you and goodbye gift.  It could be a cupcake the bride and grooms names on it.  It could be a perfume sampler.  Maybe you gave the bride a washing machine (I am a bit fixated on the washing machine, you can see) and you all get some soap to take home.  A small token of thanks is always appreciated.

With your planning, and a successful bridal shower, comes the tidying up.  Yes, this is your job too. If you organised the bridal shower, you don’t get to be the first one to leave the party.  Nope!  You pick up the tinsel, you sweep up the glitter, you recycle all the wrapping papers.  You help your best friend, the bride=to-be take all her beautiful gifts home.  And you give her the list of who came and who gave what gifts. She will have to do the thank you notes all on her own!

Bridal showers are meaningful, special and precious.  Make this bridal shower one to remember and customise every aspect of the party.  You’ve worked hard to make this particular bridal shower a success. From the time you customise the  bridal shower party invitations to the time you picked up all the gift wrappings and wiped away the crumbs of the cupcakes, you have given it your full attention.  Having a bridal shower for a good girlfriend is a wonderful thing to do and will be appreciated forever.

So.  Go ahead.  Choose your theme.  Get the invites out.  And congratulation!


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