As you know two things can happen at a baby shower, its either boring or fun. With our collection of the most hilarious baby shower games you can guarantee it be a fun, hilarious and engaging baby shower. Just print these printable baby shower games and be awesome.

Whether you’re having your 2nd or 3rd child or you’re heading into premeditated parenthood for the first time. Having a baby is a thing of joy and what better way to celebrate it than to have a baby shower.

As we all know, baby showers are best celebrated when the mum-to-be is gradually reaching her due date, because not only does it relieve her from unpleasant stress, it also presents her with an opportunity to gets lots of items that help prepare her for the baby’s arrival and a chance to spend time and create happy moments with friends and family.

While close friends are looking to find the perfect gift to present at the party, we’re here to tell you how to make that party the best baby shower ever with our more than 20 printable shower games.

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Baby Shower Bingo

The bingo squares have common baby shower gifts written in. As the gifts are opened guests check off the corresponding squares. blank bingo cards that guests can fill in. You get both options and can choose which one you want to use. Each guest fills out the grid with gifts they believe the mom-to-be will open at the shower. They then make off the squares as mom is opening her gifts. First to 5 in a row is the winner. Perfect for multiple winners too!

Baby Shower Games Bundle

This bundle includes hilarious printable 10 baby shower games: Labor or Lovin baby shower game Baby shower price is right

Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game

Mommy or Daddy Baby shower games is  popular because of their ease to set up and play. After consulting with the expectant parents, the hostess prepares a page of questions about the mom-and-dad-to-be and distributes copies to all of the guests. After everyone has had a chance to complete their page, the hostess reads the questions out loud and everyone calls out their guesses. The guests with ​the most correct answers win. Here are some sample trivia questions you can use for your next baby shower. ​ hen it comes to raising a child, it really does take a village. Invite people to share valuable advice, a favorite saying or sage words that have guided them as parents. (Guests who aren’t parents can write what they loved and admired most about their parents’ parenting.) Have everyone jot down the parental wisdom in a decorative book or on index cards that will later be compiled into a keepsake book with pictures from the shower.

Who knows mommy best? Baby shower game

One of the most popular baby shower games, Who Knows Mommy Best baby shower game is a fun and easy way to entertain the shower guests! Instructions provided on each template for your convenience. This game consist of 14 questions. The guest fill in answers pertaining to the mommy to be. Whoever gets the most correct wins. Print and distribute the who knows mommy best game worksheets among your baby shower party’s guests. Give each guest a pen or paper along with the game worksheet. Ask them to write the answer in front of each question about mom-to-be. When all the guests have finished writing their answers, ask mom-to-be to take a worksheet and give honest replies for all the questions. The person with all correct answers will be the winner.